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China zipper bag manufacturer introduces zipper bag to you

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for products and their pursuit of products are also getting higher and higher. Take the packaging bag for example. It can't be sealed after opening, which leads to the deterioration of food. Although you can choose to seal the packaging bag with a clip, it's a little cumbersome for consumers. They hope that the packaging bag can have its own zipper. Therefore, since the production of zipper bags, most high-end brands of food have been increasing the proportion of zipper bags, trying to meet the needs of consumers.

Zipper bag refers to the packaging bag that can be repeatedly sealed by pressing the zipper. Polyethylene (LDPE) and high-pressure linear polyethylene (LLDPE) are formed by blowing film. The hot machine bag, in which the chain zipper bag is often formed at one time. After the contents are filled or taken out, the plastic film bag that can be repeatedly sealed and opened is made through the ribs and grooves at the opening. Common materials include PE, EVA, Po, multi-layer composite zipper bag, etc.

Zipper bags have the characteristics of moisture resistance, fresh preservation, quality assurance, good sealing, easy to carry, and long service life. Because coextrusion films with high barrier performance are mainly used, zipper bags can play a good barrier to oxygen, water, etc. zipper bags can be used for vacuum packaging, sterile packaging, inflatable packaging. Zipper bags can be used in preserved fruits, snacks, medical equipment, electronic components, tea and other fields, making outstanding contributions to extending the shelf life of food after opening the bag. High quality zipper bags can also be used repeatedly as family storage bags, which are beneficial to consumers and the environment.

Whether the zipper bag is easy to use or not, an important indicator is the opening force of the zipper. If the convex edges and grooves of the zipper are not closely matched and the opening force is small, the air tightness of the zipper bag will be poor, the barrier will be discounted, and it is easy to leak air, which will not play a protective role; If the ribs and grooves are too closely matched, it will make it difficult to open the zipper bag, and even the plastic film on both sides of the zipper bag will be stretched and deformed, which will affect the convenience of using the zipper bag.


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