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Why do people like to use aluminum cans for packaging?

Aluminum has more reserves in the earth's crust than iron, and the production process is much more complex than iron. Aluminum is a relatively active metal element. Smelting requires electrolysis. Aluminum cannot be reduced with carbon, but iron can be reduced with carbon. The cost of carbothermic reduction is significantly lower than that of electrolysis, which is extremely electricity consuming, so the cost consumed in the whole production process is higher than that of iron. Therefore, the cost of aluminum is obviously higher than that of iron, so it is expensive, so the price of aluminum is higher than that of iron.

On the market, Wang Laoji, Babao porridge, red bull, etc. use relatively hard iron cans, because the packages are not pressurized, and aluminum cans are easy to deform. Iron cans are also called three piece cans in the industry. The production process of iron three piece cans is mainly flat printing, then cutting and welding into circles. First, the top or bottom cover is equipped in the can factory, and then the corresponding bottom or top cover is equipped after filling.

The advantages of aluminum cans are that they are not easy to break, light and light tight. Aluminum cans are commonly used in carbonated drinks (coke, beer, etc.) on the market because they are not easy to be corroded by acid, and they are easy to form, and the manufacturing cost is relatively low. The pressure in the steam water is higher than that under normal pressure. Under the action of pressure, there is no need to worry about deformation. Moreover, the aluminum cans can ensure the pressure of carbon dioxide in the steam water, so that the steam water can achieve a better taste effect. Therefore, a strong and durable aluminum can is needed to prevent deformation during transportation and storage. Aluminum cans use aluminum alloy instead of pure aluminum. The vast majority of domestic processes are made of aluminum roll stamping, roller printing, and easy pull lids, which are also called two-piece cans in the industry.

Although the price of aluminum is relatively high, aluminum cans can save costs. One is that aluminum cans are lighter than iron cans, so the cost of a single can decreases. The second is that aluminum cans are two-piece cans, and iron cans are three piece cans. Aluminum cans also save costs in technology. As for selling scrap, aluminum cans are more valuable than iron cans because aluminum cans are easy to recycle, while iron cans are tinplate with a layer of tin on it. Generally, small factories have not recycled that process.

More and more consumers are worried about the impact of PET plastic bottles on the environment. At the same time, the scientific community and environmentalists are also paying more and more attention to PET bottled water. The launch of pop can packaging coincides with the time, and 100% can be recycled again.


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