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What are the advantages of filling tea in round tin cans?

Tin pot is a kind of pot for storing tea, which performs well in sealing performance. It is often used for food preservation, and has good sterilization, purification and preservation effects.

Tin is one of the hardware with a long history. It was used by people as early as ancient times. In ancient times, many tin pots, tin candlesticks and other tin utensils were made, and tin utensils were also widely used. The ancients liked to use tin to purify the water and make the tea sweet, because tin was harmless to human body and had no peculiar smell. It was suitable to hold water, and because it had no peculiar smell, people also liked to use it to hold tea.

Some new iron cans that have just been bought may have some peculiar smell. You need to do some work to remove the peculiar smell before you can put tea. Tin cans don't have this metallic smell, so it's suitable to use tin cans to pack tea.

The round tin can has good sealing and fresh-keeping performance, and the tin is also inert and does not react with air and water, so many high-end teas are stored in tin cans. Like medium and high-end green tea, most of them are delicate tea, which can be packed in tin cans to preserve green tea and maintain its tenderness.

In short, circular tin cans have many advantages, such as non-toxic and harmless, sterilization, purification and preservation, no metal smell and good sealing. Not only do people now like to use tin cans, but the ancients had foresight and used tin wares early on.


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