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Universal aluminum box packaging is useful

In addition to tinplate, aluminum as a general purpose packaging is also increasingly used. Aluminum has good ductility, strong plasticity, suitable for batch printing, will not rust, not easy to wear, no odor, good preservation of products. Different from iron sheet, aluminum surface has its own luster, light weight, the surface can form a layer of alumina film, has a certain corrosion resistance.

Aluminum cans can be divided into ordinary cans and cans, cans for beer, beverage believe that people contact very much, the amount is also very large, the global annual calculation to tens of billions of cans.

Aluminum cans, which are used as ordinary cans, are also gaining popularity in packaging. The process and process of making aluminum cans is almost the same as that of making tinplate cans. As early as the 1950s, Kaiser Aluminum Company first tried to produce aluminum cans using the existing tin can production process.

Aluminum sheet is soft, and thicker aluminum is often needed in production. At present, the thickness of ordinary aluminum can needs more than 0.30mm. Aluminum can is a big advantage of light weight, the weight of the same volume of aluminum is only about one-third of the tin, which brings certain convenience to logistics transportation, handling.

At present, there are a variety of small aluminum cups on the market for tea, coffee and other dry products sealed packaging. Because aluminum has no rust, acid and alkaline corrosion resistance, some aluminum boxes are used to hold soap and other daily chemical products, can also be used for cosmetics directly into the cream of soft products. Aluminum box can even directly contact with liquid, acid and alkaline items, without corrosion, which is the tin can does not have. Therefore, in some special packaging applications, ordinary aluminum cans have the potential to fill in areas where tinplate cans are difficult to access.

The surface of the aluminum can also be printed with exquisite patterns, and additional labels such as laser labeling can be used to make the product more personalized.

Aluminum is very environmentally friendly, and because it is more valuable than iron, there is a lot of incentive to recycle, and the recycling rate is very high. In the case of aluminium cans for beverages, the recovery rate of aluminium cans is close to 100% in some developed countries. In the future, more and more emphasis will be placed on the environmental protection of packaging materials, and it is believed that universal packaging aluminum boxes and aluminum cans will get more attention.


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