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Tinplate knowledge and use

Tinplate, also known as tin plating iron, is commonly known as electroplated tin plate, English abbreviation for SPTE, refers to the cold rolled low carbon plate or steel strip coated with commercial pure tin on both sides. Tin mainly plays the role of preventing corrosion and rust. It combines the strength and formability of steel with the corrosion resistance, solder resistance and beautiful appearance of tin in a material with corrosion resistance, non-toxic, high strength and good ductility characteristics.

Tinplate is coated with a layer of tin surface, it is not easy to rust, also called tin iron. This coated steel plate is known as "tinplate" for a long time in China. It is believed that because the tin plate used in the manufacture of cans was imported from Macao (English name Macao can be read as Ma Kou), so it is called "tinplate". There are also other sayings, such as the Chinese used to use this tin plate to make kerosene lamp holder, shaped like a horse mouth, hence the name "tinplate". The name "tinplate" is not exact, therefore, in 1973 China tin plate meeting has been renamed tin plate, official documents no longer use the name "tinplate".

Tinplate packaging because of its good sealing, preservation, light protection, robustness and unique metal decoration charm, determines its packaging container industry has a wide range of coverage, is the international general packaging variety. With the continuous enrichment of tinplate CC materials, DR Materials, chrome-plated iron, promoting the development of packaging products and technology, tinplate packaging is full of innovation.

Due to its strong oxidation resistance, diverse styles and exquisite printing, tinplate packaging containers are favored by our customers and are widely used in food packaging, medical packaging, daily use packaging, instrument packaging, industrial product packaging and so on.

Tinplate packaging container high strength, good formability, strong compatibility of products and many other advantages have established a good "reputation" in the international market. Therefore, countries are generally attached importance to this kind of packaging container, is the world's largest use of a kind of metal packaging plate.

According to the different requirements of the packaging industry, the thickness of the tinplate material, the amount of tin plating, mechanical properties and so on have different needs. Since its introduction, tinplate has been to the thinning direction of development. One is to use less tin, or even no tin, one is to reduce the thickness of the substrate of tinplate. The purpose is to adapt to the changes of canning products and reduce the cost of canning.

With the continuous improvement and perfection of tinplate printing and processing technology, the application of tinplate packaging is more and more extensive. The current domestic tinplate production capacity continues to improve, tinplate imports will gradually reduce, in addition to some high-grade products still need a small amount of imports have basically achieved self-sufficiency. The demand of Chinese packaging industry puts forward higher requirements for metal packaging in quantity as well as quality.


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