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Tinplate box aluminum can difference

Tinplate is tin-coated iron can, aluminum can is made of the metal aluminum, contains only one metal. The advantages of tin can are non-toxic, good corrosion resistance, high temperature and high pressure resistance, good sealing, light weight, easy transportation, good processing performance, can be made into a variety of shapes of empty cans, suitable for industrial large-scale production. Its disadvantage is that it can not be reused, can not see the contents after sealing, inconvenient for consumers to choose. Tinplate food industry professional material, if everyone is not on the surface of the printing tinplate more bright body.

Tinplate can shape variable, can be made into different shapes, such as spherical pot, five-pointed pot, egg pot, etc.; Compared with aluminum can, tin can air tightness is poor, not suitable for liquid, but tin can also has the advantages that aluminum can does not have. Tin can is stronger than aluminum can pressure resistance, not easy to deformation, suitable for long-distance transportation.

Aluminum cans are generally two pieces of cans, the bottom of the can and the body of the can are connected together, generally using roller coating printing, the color is not three pieces of the can bright. Low strength, generally by internal inflation to increase the strength. Aluminum can is relatively light, rust - proof, corrosion - proof ability is good, but the price is expensive. We usually say aluminum cans, refers to cans, cans have the advantages of strong air tightness, low density, suitable for liquid.


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