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The advantages and functions of tea tin box packaging

In the process of tea preservation, iron box packaging is undoubtedly a better choice. However, it is not easy to choose the right iron box for tea. Also need to take a certain approach!
First of all, the gloss, hue and covering power of the tea can packaging can be identified by the scraping paper scraping test. Standard ink is placed on the upper left corner of the scraping paper, and color matching ink is placed on the upper right corner, so that the standard scraper and the scraping paper form a vertical Angle to vigorously smooth the thin compress part, and the thick compress part is gently expanded at an oblique Angle. Normally, the packaging material black or color ink using white scraping paper, white ink using black scraping paper.
Secondly, Pu 'er tea and black tea are not packed with inner membrane bags. Moisture-proof, anti-odor is the first problem to be solved. It is recommended that when choosing metal box packaging, choose iron box with inner plug cover structure, so as to effectively ensure the sealing of iron box.
Of course, for some metal box packaging with paint, tea will absorb the odor of the paint in the iron box, which will affect the quality of the tea itself.

As you know, tea can be collectable, so can teapots, but have you ever thought that the tin that holds tea can also be collectable? With the continuous development of tin can technology, tin can manufacturers' products have become more beautiful and practical, and now, give it more collection value.
Tea leaves are the buds and leaves of tea trees, which are made by frying and drying. Once exposed to moisture, qualitative changes will occur. The aroma of tea leaves is also volatile, which requires more environmental factors such as moisture, temperature and humidity, light and oxygen, so the containers and methods used in storage are more exquisite. Over time, cans were created. In addition to its role of storing tea, tea tin has been favored by literati. There are many kinds of materials, such as wood, bamboo, ceramics, purple sand, tin, copper, iron, cloisonne... All kinds of things. However, in the process of use, the products of iron can manufacturers are relatively strong in tightness, the body of the can is relatively thick, and the function of heat preservation is good.
Of course, the products of the tin can manufacturers with their exquisite appearance also enhance the collection value of tea to a certain extent, so that more friends fall in love with tea!


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