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Selection skills of stationery iron box

As one of the commonly used stationery packing boxes, stationery iron boxes are needed to store pencils, pens, rulers, compasses and so on from primary school to university. Now let's learn about the selection skills of stationery iron boxes?

1. Because stationery boxes are used every day, it is inevitable to fall and bump, so we should choose solid and durable ones. Although plastic ones are generally good-looking, they are easy to break when falling, so it is better to choose iron stationery iron boxes.

2. When choosing the stationery iron box, try to choose according to the size of the schoolbag, so it will be right in the schoolbag, otherwise it will be difficult to put it in and easy to lose it.

3. Some plastic stationery boxes have a pungent smell. Don't buy such stationery boxes. They are likely to be made of inferior plastic. Long term use is detrimental to children's health. Try to choose a non-toxic and tasteless stationery iron box.

4. When purchasing stationery iron boxes, you should buy those with large space, which can put tools such as ruler and triangle. Some stationery boxes only have a good appearance, and the space inside is very small, so you can only put pencils, erasers, etc. there is no way to put a long ruler, so such stationery boxes are not practical.

There is no too fancy pattern on the stationery iron box. Its material, shape and pattern are all available. Compared with wooden and plastic stationery boxes, iron ones are not easy to deform and damage. In addition, it is very practical and suitable for students.


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