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Metal cans are not dangerous to human health

We now eat and drink with metal cans, metal cans are often called cans, the lid and the body of the can are produced separately, and then assembled together. When used in many packages, the strong internal pressure will compensate for the rigidity of the thin tank walls. However, the high gas resistance, light shading and sealing of metal cans will keep the quality of food in the cans stable. There are no other advantages, let's take a look.
The advantages of this metal can are obvious. It is very airtight and can resist high internal pressure, which makes it ideal for carbonated beverages that require little pressure, air and acid resistance. For fruit and vegetable juice, organic acid is an important component to determine its taste, which can show the characteristic aroma of fruit. The ratio of sugar and acid content in fruit and vegetable juice is an important factor affecting the taste, but organic acids are corrosive to some extent. In addition, enzymes, vitamin C, pigment and other important components in fruit and vegetable juice have certain requirements for light and temperature. However, with metal cans made of three tin cans and two aluminum cans, and coated with epoxy-phenolic paint (sometimes with a vinyl coating on top of the epoxy-phenolic inner coating), organic acids like those in fruit and vegetable juice are no threat at all.


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