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How to clean and maintain tea box skillfully?

People often say: "Open the door seven things, firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea". This shows that tea has been deeply rooted in people's hearts. So Chinese people love tea so much, then do we all know about the maintenance of tea boxes? The following tell you about the packaging method of tea box.

1. As far as possible, avoid contact with oil stains in tea iron box. If accidentally stained with some dirt that is difficult to remove, do not use hard objects to scrape and scrape.

2. Sanded tea tin can be cleaned with warm soapy water; And smooth tea box, with high quality silver wash after wiping, can maintain a permanent bright luster.

3. Do not put food or drink in tea box overnight, so as not to stain the surface. After cleaning the tea box, be sure to rinse thoroughly and dry promptly, as residual cleaning agent and water droplets will damage the surface luster of the tea box.

4. Avoid tea iron box contact with flame or placed in hot areas. When tea iron box is heated to more than 160 degrees Celsius, its texture will become brittle and utensils will flake into powder or dish shape.


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