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China iron box manufacturer, factory introduction food iron box

In foreign countries, the label printing of food iron boxes has always been attached great importance. In recent years, China has gradually connected with the international community, and formulated various specifications, policies and regulations for the labels of food iron boxes.

In the past two years, it has been found in the international testing of food iron boxes that 75% of the new items that fail to pass the customs inspection are the labels of food iron boxes. Especially in China's food companies, they did not pay much attention to this item in the past, resulting in many problems in export commodities.

At present, most countries widely believe that the labels of food iron boxes need to be packaged and printed with the food name, ingredient list, detailed address of the manufacturer, time identification, storage manual, eating method and other general contents. At the present stage, the attention level of food iron box export companies in China needs to be improved. In the whole process of specific export of food iron boxes, there are many problems. If it is not improved, the export of food iron boxes will inevitably suffer. From the perspective of the world, the contents of food iron box labels will show two development trends: one is to highlight personal safety protection, and the other is to guide the direction of healthy nutrition.

Food iron boxes belong to high-end food packaging. With the improvement of people's living standards, customers look forward to healthier and cleaner living habits, and their expectations for food quality are significantly improved. They are also more concerned about food composition. As a high-end commercial product of food packaging, food iron boxes factory needs to improve the understanding of labels on the necessity of product quality and safety, Understand and grasp the latest laws, regulations and mandatory specifications of food iron box labels in exporting countries, and place the food iron box labels in the same aspect ratio as the quality of food products.


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