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Aluminum can production process

Aluminum cans are a modern form of packaging, widely used in food, beverages, cosmetics and other fields. The production process has undergone years of technological innovation and improvement. Here I will share the production process of aluminum cans. The first step: material preparation
The main materials of aluminum cans are aluminum plate and printing ink. The aluminum plate needs to be cut first, and then its surface is cleaned with chemical detergent. The printing ink is prepared according to the design pattern and color requirements, and is dried at high temperature to ensure the printing quality.

Step Two: Printing
There are two main printing methods for printing patterns and characters on aluminum plates, one is offset printing and the other is gravure printing. Offset printing is suitable for aluminum cans with rich patterns and high printing accuracy requirements, while gravure printing is mainly used for printing aluminum cans with single color or few color blocks. After the aluminum plate is printed, it needs to be dried to ensure the printing color saturation and pattern clarity.

Step 3: Canning
The printed aluminum plate is sent to the can making workshop, and after a series of processes such as cutting, stamping, curling, and welding, the aluminum can is finally formed. In the process of making cans, it is necessary to strictly control the size and processing accuracy of each link to ensure the consistency and integrity of aluminum cans.

Step 4: Lining
The lining is to protect food, beverages, etc.


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